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No more raffle tickets or business cards in a hat. Attendees enter using their mobile phone and you randomly pick the winner. It's fun and easy. No download required and works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and feature phones too.

  • Attendees creates an account with their mobile phone number
  • Verify their account via text message
  • Enter to win only the prizes they are interested in
  • You draw a winner

Requirements: Mobile phones must be able to browse the internet and receive text messages.

Accounts are verified via text message. Keeping one account per person.

You announce your unique raffle code to your attendees.

Attendees get to select which prizes they are intersted in winning.

We Make Raffles Easy

As an event organizer, I've found conducting raffles less than perfect affairs. RaffleSwag is designed to make raffles fun and easy for everyone involved.

Sidney Maestre created RaffleSwag after serveral years organizing the Bay Area ColdFusion User Group and Bay Are Mobile meetup. He's done web application development for over a decade and in recent years has moved into the mobile space.

Wynn Wu is the lead designer for RaffleSwag.

Try RaffleSwag at your next event, and let us know what you think.

The Team

App Screenshots

Phones we've tested

  • iPhone 3g, 3gs and 4
  • Droid X - Android 2.3
  • Droid 2 - Android 2.2
  • Blackberry Torch 9800
  • Blackberry Pearl 9100
  • Blackberry Curve 8330
  • Samsung SGH-X497
  • Windows Phone 7

Browsers we've tested

  • Safari Mobile
  • Android Browser 2.2.1
  • Opera Mobile 11.0
  • Opera Mini 6.0

Our goal is to work on 100% of text message and browser enabled phones. We will continue to test rafflswag on mobile phones,
and would love to hear about your experience on your phone.

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